In this practice drill we simulate coming out and gathering a low ball, while recovering quickly ready to distribute the ball. Drills like these help footwork and agility while improving catching and confidence while on the ground, perhaps with a striker close by.

The Drill

The keepers queue, and each keeper starts to move towards the coach, between pairs of cones, each of which have a ball sat on top. The remaining keepers wait until the first has completed the drill before starting up the ladder.

1 – keeper moves towards the coach

As the keeper approaches a pair of cones, the coach will signal with an arm, the cone and ball the keeper is to secure.

2 coach points to a side

The keeper will immediately dive towards the ball and secure it safely, using the protection drill they have previously learned.

3 – keeper makes a low dive to secure that ball

The keeper then discards the ball and recovers to their feet, ready to proceed towards the coach.

4 – recovers and moves towards the coach (or second set of balls)

The drill can either end there, add additional pairs of cones/balls and repeat steps 2-4, or the coach can throw them a high catch to complete the drill.

5 – to make even harder coach throws them a catch – high

Tips for coaches – Confidence Cohesion Technique

Any coach can utilize these drills with their keeper. The objectives are the same – enhance footwork, follow the ball better with the eyes, and judge the flight of the ball.

A coach can use any one of the drills independently, and involve multiple players, especially attackers, to sharpen their skills too.

Try to encourage the keeper to use these skills – their footwork, their eyes and reflexes, and be brave to make the judgement calls and decisions that will come up regularly in games.