In this practice drill we simulate taking a high cross follow by a shot to the near-post. Drills like these help footwork and agility while improving catching and set-positioning.

The Drill

Keeper zig-zags through ladder towards goal

The keepers queue, and each keeper zig-zags through a ladder pointed at the centre of the goal. The remaining keepers wait until the first has completed the drill before starting up the ladder.

Once through the ladder, the keeper catches a high ball thrown from the first coach. The catch should be simple and be aimed at making the keeper jump and balance their body on landing, ready for the next phase of the drill.

keeper returns ball to coach and jumps over cone

Once the catch is completed and the keeper has landed safely on their feet, return the ball to the coach.

The keeper then quickly jumps over a cone or obstruction, ready to make a set near the goal-post.

keeper makes a set for a shot towards the near-post

The second coach then fires in a shot towards the near-post, hard and low, from around 10yrds. The Keeper should parry the shot and move away from the goal.

Here’s some video of a recent session where the drill was used.

Tips for coaches – Confidence Cohesion Technique

Any coach can utilize these drills with their keeper. The objectives are the same – enhance footwork, follow the ball better with the eyes, and judge the flight of the ball.

A coach can use any one of the drills independently, and involve multiple players, especially attackers, to sharpen their skills too.

Try to encourage the keeper to use these skills – their footwork, their eyes and reflexes, and be brave to make the judgement calls and decisions that will come up regularly in games.