The following is the framework of the second of two 2 hour sessions.

Begin by re-instating the Structured Warm up, with stretches, side-to-side, shots and reverse-reflex.

  • 1) 3-5 stretches, from the following;
⁃ touch toes
⁃ Flamingo
⁃ Windmill
⁃ Lean into thigh
⁃ Arm across chest
  • 2) Skip side to side post to post, passing (with a teammate) the ball head high – this helps the keeper see the ball
  • 3) Drop kick shots from 8-10yrds while facing the ball – gets the hands warm
  • 4) Reverse-reflex – sharpen the reflexes – described here

Then Move onto the main drills;

Distribution drill – improve speed and decision making

⁃ Top/bottom left/right – front and back facing, hit target – here

Throwing techniques – several variations, described here

⁃ capture ball, take to the 18 yd line and throw into goal/net

⁃ Same, With direction given at pen-spot, right/left/Centre

⁃ Then at a cone placed 35 yards away, from the goal-line

⁃ Same, but with direction given at 12yds point. 

Catching drill

– Catching from kneeling – here

Protecting yourself on ground

– developing the “catching from kneeling” above, add a threat of being kicked. Develop technique to shield the ball, protect the face with the elbow and raise the knee/leg. discussed here

Discussion topics – one-to-one discission which allows a rest and time to recover between active drills

⁃ communications – here

⁃ setting up a wall – here

Kicking drill

⁃ practice goal kicking into net – here and here