Lay out 8 cones in a line. Keeper skips through the line, then turns towards the thrower/kicker, and makes the save. Keepers queue and start through cones once previous keeper makes save.

The ball can be thrown or kicked depending on the skill level. The important feature of this exercise is footwork, and making the save.

The keeper weaves through the cones, facing outwards, and eventually ends at the goal. They make their “set” (the position they set their feet ready to dive or save the shot) dependent upon where the coach is striking the ball from. there are three striking points, each demanding a slightly different set point.

first shot comes from the keeper’s left side, make a set slightly to the left of centre.
second go through, the coach striker from a more central position. The set needs to be central
final go through, the coach will take a shot from the keeper’s right, needing a “set” slightly right of centre.

The coach increases the intensity of the shot. These are around 12 yards so simulates a penalty and can be blasted or placed. But the keeper has to make the appropriate set to have a chance.

Don’t expect the keeper to save every shot – the key is their footwork into the set, the choice of set, and the attempt to make the save.

Tips for coaches – Confidence Cohesion Technique

Any coach can utilize these drills with their keeper. The objectives are the same – enhance footwork, follow the ball better with the eyes, and judge the flight of the ball.

A coach can use any one of the drills independently, and involve multiple players, especially attackers, to sharpen their skills too.

Try to encourage the keeper to use these skills – their footwork, their eyes and reflexes, and be brave to make the judgement calls and decisions that will come up regularly in games.