We held a 60 minute session for the Younger age group, the first indoor session of the Winter season.

Each session point/exercise has a link to the drill used – here

Each group begins with a thorough warm up 

Younger Keepers – 2008-2011

Four session points for this session;

  • Basics – handshape,  – here
  • Footwork – through cones and make save – here
  • Set position – review and practice correct set position – here
  • Goalkicks – improving deadball kicking – here

Tips for coaches – Confidence Cohesion Technique

Any coach can utilize these drills with their keeper. The objectives are the same – enhance footwork, follow the ball better with the eyes, and judge the flight of the ball.

A coach can use any one of the drills independently, and involve multiple players, especially attackers, to sharpen their skills too.

Try to encourage the keeper to use these skills – their footwork, their eyes and reflexes, and be brave to make the judgement calls and decisions that will come up regularly in games.