Defending Corner Kicks:​ ​With the referee awarding a corner kick the first thing that should happen is the communication and organization by the goalkeeper while at the same time watching the ball and the keeping themselves prepared for a quick kick.

The organization should be centered around making sure that the Defending players are set up zonal. A few keys to organization that should be considered are:

  1. )  GK should be slightly turned at a 45 degree angle to the ball, just behind the midline of the goal line, watching ball and area in front of goal.
  2. )  GK’s call should be made prior to the ball crossing the near post
  3. )  GK’s call should be AWAY or KEEPER
  4. )  Players, as pre-determined by coach, should be posted to the near and far posts
  5. )  Post players should be inside of the post on the goal line

Corner Kicks – Zone.


  • Outside Midfielders on the post; one near and one far.
    ○ Outside Midfielders leave the post for two reasons:

Keeper comes off his/her line to make a catch or save. If this happens, both players slide in two yards. They become responsible for four yards each inside the goal.

  • The ball is cleared away from danger (debatable topic). Keeper commands “Away” and “Step” for pulling up or condensing the field.
  • One player placed in front of the six yard box. His/her responsibility is to imagine a mini goal six yards by six feet. Any ball in this area is “away”.
  • Three players across the six yard line: one on the near post, one on the far post and one in the middle. These are preferably your best players in the air.
  • Three players across the eight, directly out from the three players on the six yard line.
  • The last player is in on top of the box….the “bullet man”, tenacious and fearless.
  • On short kicks, the high near corner man pressures the ball along with the top of the box defender.
  • If you are not involved in the heading, you are shielding your man from any rebounds or challenges by “boxing out”. Stay engaged until the team is out of danger.