Like all the new Friday sessions, this one was a “clinic” designed to allow all comers to bring their challenges.

We covered the following at the individual level;

  • basic catching and reflex drills
  • kicking and distribution
  • “resting place” – where the keeper stands while play is in the other half
  • dealing with chips – ball over the head, while off the line

We also covered setting up for set pieces – corners and free kicks – using a full team.

Takeway points for coaches:

  • Build the keeper’s confidence, especially with “resting place” and distribution
  • Dont assume the keeper will be comfortable with a high resting place (eg on the “D”) or being able to act as a switch-play defender.
  • practice setting up the set-pieces using your defenders – build cohesion between GK and central defenders in particular.
  • Assign players for “wall duty” and the key defensive zones in a corner.
  • practice speedy execution, and assign a player to “ensure” the ten yards are “walked”, buying time.