To help start the process of becoming a better keeper, we’ve put together a short, 5-page document, which is available to download here free of charge…..

Goalkeeping training 5

In the document you’ll find introductions to the following;

  • Bodyshape – get as much of your body behind the ball as possible – put a knee down or dive/lie down and use chest and torso to protect the goal
  • GPS – your position relative to goal, angles, making yourself bigger to opponents, use field markings/lines, trees, anything fixed, to know where you are and that you’re filling the goal
  • One on ones – when it’s just you between a striker and the goal – difficult to judge – come out to make yourself “bigger”, think about speed of coming out – sometimes better not to rush- use lines to judge angle – stay in front of the goal – try to judge which way he will go – pass you on right or left? Straight through (legs) ? Shoot? Chip? – watch body language – look for hints – commit – react
and detail on the following concepts;

Above all, Think faster, act slower – pick your moment to move, especially in one-on-one or penalty situations

Our Philosophy towards goalkeeping is as follows:

Have fun
Learn teamwork
Respect – everyone
There’s always another game
Winning is good
Performing is better
Developing is best

“What do you call someone who never made a mistake?” – yet to be born

For more on how we approach goalkeeping at the club, see here…

Becoming a better goalkeeper at Park City Soccer Club