Our objective is to have every goalkeeper master these seven points by the end of the season, preferably without verbal reminders. These are all points that team coaches can reinforcewith their goalkeeper, during their practices, and during games.


  • After securing the ball from a shot or cross, goalkeepers must quickly get to the top of the box, deciding to either start a quick counter or to slow play down to have a punt or throw/roll.
  • Unless instructed by the coach, punts and goal kicks should be angled towards the side line and not straight down the middle.


  • Goalkeepers must shout “KEEPER’S” every time they go to collect the ball (even during training sessions). They must also shout “AWAY” if they are not going for the ball.
  • Goalkeepers must indicate by pointing and verbal commands, that they are available for, and where they want, a back pass.
  • Goalkeeper must immediately shout out the number needed in a wall to defend a free kick as well as organizing and placing defenders when defending corners.


  • For penalty kicks, goalkeepers must be active on the line (slightly bouncing side to side, arms out to the side moving up and down). As attacker starts to strike the ball, the goalkeeper should try to read the hips, ground their feet, step forward and commit to dive one way.
  • Goalkeepers must be comfortable with the coach’s desired “resting position”. Attempt to squeeze the space between keeper and their back line when the ball as in the attacking half of the field.