the following are techniques we’ll be focussing on in the coming months, within our regular goalkeeping practices sessions.

SAFETY – At attacker’s feet – use your arm and hand to protect your face while using the other arm to collect ball – or use leg and torso to shield yourself – careful not to foul. 

DIVING – how to fall, roll to disperse energy – step into dive – or sweep legs away – favored side – how to get up quickly. 

CATCHING – use two hands to capture the ball – absorb the energy from the kick or else it will bounce off – pull ball into chest and wrap in arms – protect the ball. 

PUNCHING – make a fist – punch the ball as it comes close, preferably away from goal and danger, preferably to the wings – judge flight of ball, keep your eyes on it throughout. 

PARRYING / BLOCKING – when catching is difficult – be ready to follow up. Use of legs and torso to make yourself bigger – protect more of the goal. 

FOOT MOVEMENT/PLACEMENT – quicker, more precise footwork – balance body – support dive or body movement.


  • 6 yard box management – “boss your box” 
  • Help team mates awareness of danger 
  • Set up wall for free kick – set up defense for corners


  • Where to stand – optimal “resting place”
  • When ball up field and danger low 
  • Where to stand when the ball is just inside our half
  • Where to stand when opponents are attacking in our third



  • Technique- tactical application 
  • Accuracy- speed
  • Throwing
    The baseball throw
  • The baseball throw
  • The sling
    The overarm throw
    The overarm throw
    The “roll”
    The roll out
  • Kicks (punt vs. Drop kick vs. Side winder)
  • Goal kicks – dead ball kicks

The dead-ball kick

  • Distribution – sweeper keeper