Goalkeeping Matters

Tips for becoming a better goalkeeper

Coach’s Corner

His coach can’t understand the error

  • Goalkeeping is simple – keep the ball from crossing the goal line between the posts.
  • On top of that duty goalkeepers must play their part in the team.
  • We must address all areas, including simple catching of the ball, making the save in the top corner, distributing the ball as first line of attack, as well as being the last defender, and helping teammates perform better via communicating danger.
  • A combination of hard work, ethics and a good technical education will help provide our goalkeepers with a solid foundation.
  • Our objective is to help them become the best possible keeper that their natural ability will allow.
  • The cornerstone is C C T – CONFIDENCE – COHESION – TECHNIQUE


  • This is the toughest position on the field– goalkeepers will be hard on themselves – always be positive and build their confidence – we learn – we don’t change history – reinforce belief


  • The goalkeeper is a team member – build cohesion between the goalkeeper and the defenders – especially the central defenders – encourage communication                   – reinforce mutual responsibility


  • We will work on technique in goalkeeper practice – team coaches can assist by reinforcing via creating game-simulations
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