It is vital that goalkeepers are part of team training sessions, where goalkeepers can receive the tactical training and repetition that cannot be replicated during goalkeeper training.

This is an opportunity for coaches to reinforce Confidence, Cohesion, and Technique.

Try these simple drills with your keeper to reinforce confidence and technique.

  • Running backwards – jog from post to post backwards to learn to face ball at all times. This improves footwork and speed markedly.
  • Jog sideways – between posts – stay facing danger – throw them the ball.
  • Reflexes – reverse save – keeper stands on line – face away and on your shout, turn, face, make save. Add multiple shots.
  • Footwork with ball – trapping, first touch, passing, clearances.

The following drills, when defenders and other outfield players are included, will help to build cohesion.

  • Kicking – dead ball and “live punts” – practice kicking into the goal, from 3 yrds.
  • Resting place – explain to your keeper where you want them to stand when there is little or no danger, and explore the possibility of playing “sweeper-keeper”.
  • Communication – talk or shout so teammates know keeper’s in charge – practice “keeper” and “away” calls with defenders.
  • “Air-Trafic-Control” – encourage keeper to help teammates with positioning and cover – keeper has a different view of opposition positioning – they are your defenders’ “eyes in the back of the head”.

More advanced techniques the keepers will be learning in goalkeeping practice – coaches can reinforce these skills as practice and the keeper develops.

  • Stamina – use cones and jog between posts – then save – speed up to create tiredness.
  • Agility – learn to dive and jump up/swivel to make a second save
  • Footwork without ball – where to position yourself – angles – GPS