I’m Coach Paul Wynn, and I’ve recently joined the Park City Soccer Club staff as both a Goalkeeper Trainer and a team coach.  I’ve been a keeper all my life, and I’m passionate about ensuring keepers of all ages receive adequate specialist coaching on all aspects of the art. Most prominent amongst those techniques is how to stay safe and protect yourself. Goalkeeping can be dangerous, and while the referee protects you after the play, it’s upto you to protect yourself during the play.

I’ll be  working with all goalkeepers each a week to help advance their position specific capabilities.

Keeper Training is free of charge and is offered on the schedule described here;  

Training Schedule

While understanding there is a spread in ages in each session, I’ll be taking this into account in pairing players and creating individual development opportunities.  We encourage players to attend all weekly sessions whenever possible to ensure progression, as with one, your player will only maintain their level of play.  

Paul can be reached at paulwynn86@gmail.com.  He is the main point of contact for information about keeper training and questions.

Becoming a better goalkeeper is a journey, and one that is best taken with a guide.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton